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By | February 23, 2018

A file sharing app is one of the most useful tools nowadays as all of us have a lot of things to share with our friends. We all know that social media provides the easiest option to share a lot of files between people who are even staying at different geographical areas. Then what is the purpose of using Xender APK and other similar applications for file sharing purpose?

There are a lot of reasons why people opt to proceed with the file sharing apps like Xender for Android and others. The most important benefit among them is that the Xender allows the users to share the files between their devices even without an internet connection. It is this feature that made the Xender download so popular among the users. Along with it, the Xender app also provides the users with a lot of other benefits as well. Let us check about them in detail.

Why is Xender APK Download Preferred Over Other File Sharing Options?

There is a huge number of file-sharing applications available in the market now. But most of the people prefer to go with the Xender download. What is the reason behind this? It is the user-friendly features of the Xender app for PC and other devices that helped the Xender to become the number one file sharing application for devices that run on different platforms. After a lot of research on this app, we came to the conclusion that below are the strongest features of the Xender APK that makes it work as a unique app of its type.

Faster than the Fastest: –

Everyone likes speed and the case is not something different with the file sharing apps also. People want to make sure that they will be able to finish all their tasks in the minimum possible time. Xender is perfectly able to do this for their users. The data transfer speed of this app is so good that you will love to send files through this app. It is found that the Xender app can share an HD movie of more than 1 GB size within 2-3 minutes itself. This seems more than enough for a normal user and hence attracted a large number of people towards the Xender download.

Transfer Data with No Limits: –

The major drawback of using social media options to share files is that they allow only limited size of files to be sent through them. It also requires the users to have a dedicated internet connection to share files between different devices. But Xender download for Mac and other devices provides a complete solution for both these issues. Making use of the Xender app, users can send files of any size and that too without the requirement of an internet connection. This allows users to have the most efficient way of file sharing.

Cross-Platform Support: –

Among the huge number of file sharing apps available in the market, only limited apps allow the file sharing between devices that work on different platforms. Xender is the most popular one among them that covers all the different Operating Systems like Android, iOS, Windows PCs, Windows phones & Mac as well. The Xender App download provides you with a single destination for all the file sharing requirements.

Replicate Your Phone Easily: –

Phone replication was a tough task for the majority of people especially in the case of a cross-platform migration. TheXender app download can be of great help in this case as well. It allows the transfer of complete data even between an iPhone and an Android device. These data include media files, contacts and the messages as well. This eliminated the extra efforts and tensions of people who migrate from one Operating System to other.

How to Share File Between Devices Using the Xender Application?

The file transfer through the Xender application is a very easy to learn and follow process. First, install Xender APK in your device and open it from the list of installed applications. There you can see the “Connect Phone” option. Click on this option and this will open a new user interface. You can find two different options there, “Create Group” and “Join Group”. In one of your device click on “Create Group” and in the other one click on “Join Group”. In the device that you clicked on “Join Group”, you can see the other device name after searching for some time. Select that deviceand now both of them will be connected to each other and you can start sharing files between them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Xender a free app?

Yes, Xender is a completely free to use application. It is available for free download from all the popular inbuilt application stores in your device. The Xender APK download for Android and other devices is also provided by a lot of websites on the internet as well.

  • What is the maximum speed at which Xender can transfer files?

As per the speed observed in the latest Xender versions, it can transfer files at a speed of  20 MBPS. This is almost 200 times faster than the traditional Bluetooth transfer rates.

  • What is the maximum file sizes that can be transferred through Xender for Android?

Xender does not limit the size of the files that it allows to transfer through the app. In your Android or other devices, you can transfer files of any size through the Xender file sharing application.

  • Does Xender iOS allow file sharing with Android smartphones?

Xender allows the files to be transferred between any devices on which the application is installed. You can transfer iOS to Android, iOS to Windows and even in the reverse direction also. This is considered as one of the strongest features of the Xender for iOS and other devices.

  • Is it possible to transfer files to more than one device simultaneously through the Xender App?

Yes, you can transfer files up to 5 devices simultaneously with the help of the Xender app. This is a very time saving feature of the Xender file sharing APK.




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