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By | February 22, 2018

There was a time when the people are required to wait for long to share even a small sized file between the smartphones. That time we used the technologies like Bluetooth or Infrared which seems to have only very low transmission speeds. But the evolution of the applications like the Xender for Android, the situation is completely changed now. Now you can send an image file to another device even within a fraction of a second. Let us check in detail about the benefit of having the Xender Android application for your devices.

Speed is the major concern for any user while he thinks about sharing files between different devices. The Xender Android APK perfectly understand this fact and designed their app in such a way that it can transfer files very quickly for you. We all know that there is a strong competition between the applications like Zapya, SHAREit & Xender. To sustain top in this list of file-sharing applications, Xender Android app is continuously improving the features in the application. This helps them to satisfy the existing users and also attract new users towards it. The Google Play Store alone shows a download of 100 Million for the Xender app. In addition to this, a large number of people are also downloading this app for their Android smartphones through other methods. Such a huge user base shows the effectiveness of using the Xender APK Android for various file sharing requirements.

Benefits of Using Android Xender APK

Among the large number of file-sharing applications, why you should choose Xender? This must be a question that will be coming to the mind of a lot of people. There are certain features included in this application which makes it unique from the other applications. The easy to use interface is one of the most useful parts of the Xender Android APK download.The Xender app is designed with such an easy interface that even the first-time users do not find any difficulty in sharing files through it. The speed at which the Xender Android app transfers files between the devices is also quite appreciable. Users of this app are found to be sharing even the HD movies through this app within a few minutes itself.

Xender Android download allows the users to share files with multiple devices at a time. This is a very handy feature that can help you share files with maximum five of your friends at a time. This helps the users to save the additional time required to share the file with each individual device.The no-cost file transfer is another benefit of the Xender application. Unlike the social media options where the mobile data is utilized for the file sharing, the Xender app works without an internet connection. Another useful feature of the Android Xender APK is that it allows the users to send an installed application from one device to other. This can help to save the data required to download the same application in the second device.

The Xender Android APK also provides the users with an easy selection of the apps, files and folders that they want to share with other devices. The File Manager option available in this app can be considered as an added advantage. It helps the users in the easy management of the contents in their devices.

Free Xender Android Download from Google Play Store

For users who are searching options to download Xender Android APK, the best way is to download it from the Google Play Store. For this, open the Google Play Store on your Android smartphones or tablets. In the search tab type “Xender Download” and click enter. Now you can find the Xender – File Transfer & Share app in the search result. Select this application and click on “Install”. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, it may take a few seconds to a couple of minutes to get the Xender installed in your device. The Play Store provides the Xender v4.0 download which comes in an APK file that has a size as small as 6 Mb. This lightweight application will occupy only a small portion of your phone storage.

Once the progress bar is completed go to the list of installed applications in your Android device. There you can find the Xender app which can be opened and used without any problems. You can also find that a shortcut is created for the Xender app in your device homepage. Those users who are not interested to download Xender APK for Android from the Google Play Store can follow the below method to install this app in their Android smartphones.

Download Xender Android APK from websites on the Internet

The best method for Xender APK Android download is through the Google Play Store. The other method that we are discussing here needs to be followed carefully. The reason is that there are a lot of non-genuine websites over the internet that will install other malware applications to your device in the name of Xender Android app.

The process starts with the users searching for the “Xender Android APK Download” through any of the web browsers installed in theirAndroid smartphones or tablets. From the search result select only that website thathas got very good reviews from the other users. This will help you to make sure that you are downloading a genuine Xender Android APK. Now download the APK file from thatwebsite and you can probably find this file in the download folder of your device. The Android devices are designed in such a way that it will not allow the installation of the applications that are downloaded from sources other than the Google Play Store. As our APK file is download from another source, we are required to do some necessary changes in the device settings to install Xender Android APK in our device.

For changing the default settings of the Android device go to Settings>Security>Allow Installation of Apps from Unknown Sources. Now go to the Downloads folder of your device and double click on the downloaded Xender APK file. The app will now get installed in your smartphones or tablets and you can start using it to share files with the other devices.





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