Is Xender the Best File Sharing Application for Smartphones and Computers

By | February 22, 2018

Searching for a good file sharing application in the Google will provide you with a huge list and it will not be an easy task for a person to select the best one among them. However, you can find that the applications like Xender, SHAREit and Zapya are the most widely used application by the people for this purpose. Among these three applications which one is the best? This is a very tough question to be asked. Each of these applications has some of the most useful and innovative features in them that differentiates it from other. But for me, the Xender application is a little bit better than the other 2 counterparts.

Now I have been using this application for a very long time and it fulfills almost all my file sharing requirements. The Xender application never lets me think about other file sharing options for my device. That is why I would like to select it as my favorite. The very good file transfer speeds of the Xender is what attracts me the most. The high-quality HD videos with very good file size are found to be getting transferred through this app within a very short time. This app also allows the sharing of files up to 5 different devices at the same. Interestingly, this concurrent transfer does not have a considerable effect on the file transfer speeds.

I have been looking for a good file manager application since a long time. The Xender has provided me with a very good option for this as well. The File Manager feature of this app is really helpful in arranging the different types of files available in the device. The regular updates of the Xender application help the users to enjoy all the latest techniques related to the file sharing and that makes it a right choice for your smartphones.


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