How to Share Files Using Xender?

By | February 21, 2018

Being the most widely used file sharing application, Xender is getting more popular every day. The user-friendly interface along with the extremely good features makes it the best choice for your smartphones and the personal computers as well. A successful file transfer is now only a few clicks away and thanks to Xender for making this possible. If you are a new user of the Xender file sharing application, follow the below steps for an easy and successful file transfer between your devices.

First of all, install the Xender application in both the devices between which you want to share the files. Android devices can download it from Google Play Store and Apple devices from the iTunes Store. If you want to share files between your computers and smartphones you should install the Xender in your PC with the help of an Android emulator. This is because the Xender is not available for direct download in PCs. Once the application is installed on both the devices, open it from the device from which you want to share the file. In the homepage itself, you can find the “SEND” button. Click on this option and your phone will start searching for the partner device. Now open the Xender application in the receiving device and click on the “Receive” button.

Now you can find that the sender device will search and find the receiver device and display its name in the list of available devices. Click and select the device and now both the sender and receiver are connected to each other. In the sender device, select the files that you want to share with the other device. Now click on the “Send” button and the files will start getting transferred to the receiver device. Depending on the files size, the data transfer time may vary from a few seconds to some minutes.


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