Download Xender for Windows 7/8/8/1 and 10

By | February 21, 2018

Xender has come up as one of the best options to share files between the Windows-based computers and other devices. The other devices include another PC, Android or iOS smartphones, tablets and even a Mac based computer.This cross-platform support is considered as the strongest feature of the Xender for PC. Along with this, the Xender application provides a lot of other benefits also to the users. These features helped the Xender PC download to stay top in the list of the best file sharing apps.

In the past, most of the people used the USB cable to transfer files between a PC and smartphones. But as time passed, they started thinking of a more convenient way of file sharing without using any direct cable connection between the devices. This idea has resulted in the evolution of applications like Xender which has now almost completely replaced the cable connections for data transfers. The Xender for Windows PC also not require an internet connection to share files with other devices. This feature makes the Xender for PC download favorite for a large number of users. This free to use app thus helps the users in saving a fair amount of money as well.

Another very useful feature of the Xender for PC is that it allows the users to share files with multiple devices at the same time. If you want to share a popular movie with more than one of your friends at the same time, then there is no other better option than the Xender application. Making use of this application, you can do a maximum of 5 concurrent transfers. The easy to use interface is a very noticeable feature of the Xender PC application.

Get Xender for PC Download & Enjoy Lightning File Sharing Speeds

The developers of the Xender file sharing application has not provided any dedicated version of this app for the Windows PC users. So, you can’t find the Xender for PC option in the official website of the Xender app. But there is a workaround available to install Xender for PC. The people who are searching for the Xender download for Windows 7 and other Windows Operating Systems can get this with the help of an Android emulator for PCs. These emulators are capable of making your computers to run applications that are designed for the Android smartphones and tablets. So, our process to download Xender for Windows 7 and other OSs starts with the download of an Android emulator i.e. the BlueStacks.

How to Get BlueStacks for Windows Computers?

BlueStacks is currently the number one Android emulator for the Windows-based computers. If you want to download Xender for PC, the first step should be the inclusion of an Android emulator in your PC. Here we are using the BlueStacks application for this. To get BlueStacks for Windows go to the official website of the BlueStacks application. There you can see the Windows version of this app available for free download. Click on the “Download” button and the application will be downloaded to your computer. It will take some time to finish the download as the installation file is more than 250 Mb size.

Once the file is downloaded completely, double-click on the downloaded file. It will ask you to click on the “Install” button to proceed with the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions and the BlueStacks Android emulator will get installed in your device. Now your computer is ready to install Xender APK for PC. But before proceeding with the installation, make sure to configure the BlueStacks app properly. For this open the already installed BlueStacks App. Now you will be asked to enter your login credentials for the Google Play Store. This is very much mandatory as it requires a Google Play Store account to download applications from there. A successful entry of these details will let you go through different steps of the BlueStacks initial set up. Once you successfully complete all these steps, your BlueStacks application will be ready for the Xender for Windows 10 download.

Download Xender for Windows PC Using BlueStacks

Once you install the BlueStacks application, your computer is ready to install all the applications designed for the Android device. So, you can now easily install the Xender for Windows 7 with the help of this application.Open the BlueStacks application in your computer. In the homepage itself, you can find the search button. In the space before the search button, type “Xender” and click enter. Now you can see that the BlueStacks will display the Xender application along with the “Install” button. Click on the install button and you can see that the Xender for Windows PC will start installing your PC. The APK file of this app is only 6.7 Mb in size. So, the installation will be finished very soon. Now you can see that the Xender app is available in your PC and you can share files through this app.

Conclusion: –

File sharing has become a very basic requirement now and people are searching for the best applications that can help them in this task. The Xender for Windows 8 and other operating systems is a very good pick if you want to enjoy a very good file sharing experience. Along with the extremely good transfer speeds, it allows the users to enjoy a lot of other benefits as well. It completely eliminates the requirement of the data cables to share files between your computers and other devices.

Even thoughXender for PC version is not available for direct download to the users, it can be made available in the PCs with the help of the BlueStacks emulator. This option seems to be sufficient to help the Windows PC users to enjoy the all good Xender application.After going through all the different features of this application, we strongly recommend you to consider Xender PC APK for all your file transfer requirements.


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